Get 900 for the price of 750.
Resealable, Transparent
Recyclable Jar.
Breakage Free Delivery.

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Adoration Hosts.
The Finest in Communion Hosts, Communion Wafers and Altar Breads
Whole Wheat 1-3/8" Hosts
900pcs Jar
Brand: Whole Wheat Hosts
Product Code: AHWW138
Our breads have no additives or preservatives and are made solely of pure water and wheat flour. All of our breads have edges which are sealed and crisp, presenting a fresh,tasty wafer that is crumb free.

Our production facilities are clean, pristine, and fully automated.  At no time is bread EVER touched by human hands. In fact it is sterile packed immediately upon production.

Adoration Hosts provides a long needed answer to the current singularity or North American Altar Bread Brands. We provide superior Old World breads, produced in full accordance with Canon Law at a larger value than what is considered the main competition.

• Easy opening, access and resealing.
• Hermetic safety seal, much like you would find in many pharmaceutical products.
• Resealable clear hard container -  you always see your host inventory.
• Damage and  tampering protection.
• Clear visibility to assist a Gluten Free Program at your chuch.
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